Thursday, April 8, 2010

Homesick for the Caribbean? Jordana Wright Photography is too...

We spent all Winter feeling nostalgic for the sights, scents, and sounds of the Caribbean, hoping that any glimpse of Spring weather here in the Midwest would help tide us over.  Well, Spring is here, and we were wrong.  Call us greedy, but robins and daffodils are not equal to pelicans and plumeria.  As the first anniversary of our destination wedding in the British Virgin Islands fast approaches, more than ever, we are homesick for our islands...  

Here are a few more images from our last trip to the British Virgin Islands to feed our collective wander-lust for that Caribbean atmosphere...  

One of the most unique places to catch a beautiful sunset is the marina on Virgin Gorda.  It's a great spot where locals, tourists, and yachties shop, dine, and mingle.

The Baths... one of the most amazing places on earth.  
Long exposures help capture the gentle lapping of the Caribbean waves.  

The view from our favorite beach -- at Mango Bay Resort.

The most beautiful colors of the Caribbean aren't only found in nature... 
The Island View Guesthouse in St. Thomas features fantastic bold Caribbean color all over their property.

Another long exposure, to capture the movement of the water at sunset on the beach.

A questral poses for a photo on one of the many scenic overlooks in Virgin Gorda.  He didn't mind the sound of the shutter, but flew away immediately when a fan full of tourists pulled up.  Smart bird.

This sunrise was one the most memorable experiences of the trip.  After an early morning hike up to the highest point of Virgin Gorda, we were greeted with dramatic clouds, a gentle breeze, and a beautiful reminder of why its worth it to get up and go at 5am -- even on vacation.

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  1. i saw your photos on google mail and i LOVE them. how do you do that with the lighting in the first picture?? it's beautiful.

  2. Thanks Aimee! The first image was taken just after sunset with a tripod and a long exposure. I overexposed the image (it was a lot darker at the time than it looks) to get all of the detail in the boats and dock. This made the dim blue lights look especially cool. :-)