Monday, April 5, 2010

Baby, Baby, it looks like it's gonna hail

Backyard Shooting with Jordana Wright Photography...

Our recent Hyacinth blooms took a beating.

What started as a beautiful spring day, turned into an ominous, mounting storm with tornado warnings, looming clouds, and hail...  Gutters filled to capacity, stray cats hid under any available cover, and neighbors stared from their windows, baffled.  This was my first unusual weather since we moved to the Midwest, so I was ready, camera in hand to capture the excitement...

A view of the back porch as hail mixed with rain.  No color effects were applied.  
Weird lighting conditions.

The grass is filled with hail after the storm ends.

My husband displays our yard's ice supply.

Every corner is filled with hail.  The porch is no exception.

A determined Lily amidst the hail.

A refreshing pitcher of "ice"... Having fun with hail.

The gradients and swirls in the hail are alternating layers of transparent and translucent ice caused by cycling through a cloud a number of times.

This hail collected on a glass table on our porch.  We put a blue piece of construction paper under the table to make the hail stand out...

...and red construction paper.

Thanks for stopping by!  Check back for more adventures in the Midwest and all over the world with Jordana Wright Photography!

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