Thursday, November 19, 2009

Changing Seasons, Changing Landscape

While everyone I know laments the oncoming winter months, I've been taking every opportunity to reexamine the midwestern landscape through black and white photography. Fall color is vibrant and beautiful, but it isn't until the leaves are down that it becomes possible to really examine line, form, shadow and light. Shots like these are why I think its worth it to brave the cold and get outside...

Stay warm and check back for more images from our adventures!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Tiger Tales Contest Winner

Jordana Wright Photography recently ran a contest through the Tiger Tales blog at the Paris Cooperative High School for a free Senior Portrait Session! Yesterday, we had a fantastic photoshoot with Megan, the contest winner. Check out the sneak preview of her session...

Paris Seniors, there is still time to squeeze in a Senior Portrait Session, but the yearbook deadline is fast approaching! Contact us ASAP to schedule your session!

Many thanks to Mrs. Sherer and Tiger Tales for helping us run the contest!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Dear Santa...

Canon has been coming out with all kinds of new fun gear recently, and at the top of my wishlist is the CanonTS-E17mm.

"Photographing buildings and/or interiors in tight quarters can be unnerving, as any architectural photographer can tell you. In urban surroundings, there's usually a limit to how far you can back up before you bump into a wall, another building, or step dangerously into oncoming traffic.
Back in the day of shooting architecture with larger-format view cameras, wide-angle optics in the range of 47mm & 58mm bailed us out, and often with dramatic results. With the advent of quality full-frame DSLRs, the optical choices for shooting architecture and studio imagery requiring lens movements with wide-angle optics have been limited to 24mm which, while adequate for many applications, still doesn't cut it when shooting in tighter quarters..."  

Click the picture to check out the info and demo that B&H put together about this thing:

Not only is the lens amazing, but watch the video to hear an incredible New York accent...  Did I used to talk like that???

So what do you think?  Is this lens amazing or what?  And how many cookies do you think I'd have to leave Santa to get in the game?