Monday, April 26, 2010

Baby Portraits by Jordana Wright Photography

We had a fantastic portrait session with, 9-week-old, Jacob last week.  The weather was beautiful, and Jacob was so adorable!  Check out the sneak preview from Jacob's session... 

This is the perfect time of year for Family Portraits!  
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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Jordana Wright Photography Presents: Coming Home

Coming Home

Coming Home is a project over 6 months in the making.  The collection of images is cinematic in scope- a true glimpse of what life was like for men and women in another era.  Imagine the early 1930's as aviation became a reality and brave men took to the skies, risking everything for a mad dash to glory or to fight another day.  Heroes were loved and lost the world over.  Love was young and true, and many a young pilot returned home from his duty to visit his sweetheart...... The Girl Next Door.  Coming Home is the portrayal in photographs of one such girl and her pilot, who returns from a world of adventures to enjoy an afternoon picnic with his one true love.

The aircraft in Coming Home is an authentic, airworthy, American Eagle Eaglet, circa 1934.  This specific aircraft was the only Eaglet manufactured in 1934, the result of a 1933 fuselage and 1931 tail and wings.  It was built by a man named Pruit, and is known as "Pruit's American Eagle Eaglet".  Currently, there are only 12 known Eaglets still in existence, of which only 3 are airworthy.  This was a rare and exciting chance to feature an authentic piece from history and help elevate the understanding and appreciation of a bygone era


Jordana Wright Photography
Would like to thank:

Sarah May
Mike Wright


Captain Don Bussart

Monday, April 19, 2010

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A few from our archives...

Over the past few days we've been working on some major updates to our website.  We're in the process of adding an integrated image archive and client area to provide guests the opportunity to purchase prints and other products directly from our website!  This is just another way that we strive to make things easier for our clients at Jordana Wright Photography!
   We've been going through our vast collections of images and selecting old favorites to make available on the image archive store.  Here are a few images that we've rediscovered... enjoy!

This rusty old car somehow made it to the middle of a densely wooded area in rural Illinois.

The late afternoon glow at Rutgers in New Jersey.

An impressive grove of trees in south east Georgia.

A view from the window of the Charlotte Douglass International Airport.  

Cherry blooms and weeping willow on the Potomac.  

Another amazing Cape Cod sunset.

This image is one of several taken in the upper floors of an old, very haunted building in Virginia... 

This image is from one of our many journeys to The Baths in Virgin Gorda.

To see more Fine Art Images by Jordana Wright Photography or order prints, visit our new Image Archive!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Homesick for the Caribbean? Jordana Wright Photography is too...

We spent all Winter feeling nostalgic for the sights, scents, and sounds of the Caribbean, hoping that any glimpse of Spring weather here in the Midwest would help tide us over.  Well, Spring is here, and we were wrong.  Call us greedy, but robins and daffodils are not equal to pelicans and plumeria.  As the first anniversary of our destination wedding in the British Virgin Islands fast approaches, more than ever, we are homesick for our islands...  

Here are a few more images from our last trip to the British Virgin Islands to feed our collective wander-lust for that Caribbean atmosphere...  

One of the most unique places to catch a beautiful sunset is the marina on Virgin Gorda.  It's a great spot where locals, tourists, and yachties shop, dine, and mingle.

The Baths... one of the most amazing places on earth.  
Long exposures help capture the gentle lapping of the Caribbean waves.  

The view from our favorite beach -- at Mango Bay Resort.

The most beautiful colors of the Caribbean aren't only found in nature... 
The Island View Guesthouse in St. Thomas features fantastic bold Caribbean color all over their property.

Another long exposure, to capture the movement of the water at sunset on the beach.

A questral poses for a photo on one of the many scenic overlooks in Virgin Gorda.  He didn't mind the sound of the shutter, but flew away immediately when a fan full of tourists pulled up.  Smart bird.

This sunrise was one the most memorable experiences of the trip.  After an early morning hike up to the highest point of Virgin Gorda, we were greeted with dramatic clouds, a gentle breeze, and a beautiful reminder of why its worth it to get up and go at 5am -- even on vacation.

Thanks for stopping by!  

Monday, April 5, 2010

Baby, Baby, it looks like it's gonna hail

Backyard Shooting with Jordana Wright Photography...

Our recent Hyacinth blooms took a beating.

What started as a beautiful spring day, turned into an ominous, mounting storm with tornado warnings, looming clouds, and hail...  Gutters filled to capacity, stray cats hid under any available cover, and neighbors stared from their windows, baffled.  This was my first unusual weather since we moved to the Midwest, so I was ready, camera in hand to capture the excitement...

A view of the back porch as hail mixed with rain.  No color effects were applied.  
Weird lighting conditions.

The grass is filled with hail after the storm ends.

My husband displays our yard's ice supply.

Every corner is filled with hail.  The porch is no exception.

A determined Lily amidst the hail.

A refreshing pitcher of "ice"... Having fun with hail.

The gradients and swirls in the hail are alternating layers of transparent and translucent ice caused by cycling through a cloud a number of times.

This hail collected on a glass table on our porch.  We put a blue piece of construction paper under the table to make the hail stand out...

...and red construction paper.

Thanks for stopping by!  Check back for more adventures in the Midwest and all over the world with Jordana Wright Photography!