Thursday, December 10, 2009

On Location in the Virgin Islands

   We just returned from an AMAZING visit to the Virgin Islands.  This was my third trip to the area, but it was the first time I focused entirely on photographing the beautiful and diverse locations throughout the islands.  Even though we always pack light, I made sure to bring as much photo gear as I could carry to prepare for the wide variety of lighting conditions and subject matter.  Over the next few weeks I'll be posting some of my favorite images from the trip -- so make sure you check back throughout the dreary days of winter :-(  for an island pick-me-up!

The excellent view of St. Thomas from the Island View Guesthouse.  We spent a night in St. Thomas, USVI on our way to the British Virgin Islands, and couldn't have hoped for a better place to stay.  The owners, Ron and Beth, were very friendly, kind and accommodating.  It was the perfect place to rest from traveling and get into the Caribbean mood.

A pelican takes flight on Mahoe Bay -- on the beach at Mango Bay Resort
The pelicans - sometimes as many as eight - would dive into the sea headfirst scooping up great mouthfuls of water and fish.  They showed no concern about landing within five feet of swimmers and routinely splashed us during their fishing attempts.

A garden at Rosewood Little Dix Bay.  This resort was founded by Laurance Rockefeller in 1964.  The resort features beautiful beaches, luxurious amenities, and a number of restaurants and bars.  We took a short walk around their property and really enjoyed their gardens.

  I took this photograph outside our room at Mango Bay Resort.  I used my 50mm lens for the clarity and nice background blur that it always achieves.  The interesting fuzzy effect occurred as a result of moving my camera from the air-conditioned room to the humid outdoors right before capturing the picture.  There was a little condensation on my UV filter and it provided the softening effect.  It was one of those happy accidents.

The Baths of Virgin Gorda are one of the most iconic locations in the Caribbean.  We arrived there shortly before sunrise to avoid the crowds and were rewarded with unobstructed views and a rainbow (one of many during the trip).

This photograph is a perfect example of why The British Virgin Islands are a photographer's paradise.  During our 7 day trip, we didn't miss a single sunset.  This is one of my favorite views in the world -- taken from a secret trail that few know exists and even fewer visit.

The Coppermine Ruins are one of the best sights in Virgin Gorda.  We spent a lot of time climbing around the rocks and ruins.  This photograph was taken in the very early morning, at an extremely slow shutter-speed while my husband painted the ruins with light.  This effect allows for perfect exposure of the sky and sea, while also bringing out the detail and texture of the ruins, which would have otherwise been in silhouette.

This is just a small sample of the 3,000+ images I shot during our visit to the Virgin Islands.  Check back for more amazing photographs of the most beautiful place on earth...  Thanks for visiting!  

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