Monday, January 18, 2010

A day off from work... and winter!

Mostly everyone is home from work today, presenting the perfect opportunity to revisit my favorite island paradise... The snow is melting in central Illinois and I keep hoping that the rest of the winter will be mild.  Here is a quick post with a few more shots from our trip last month to the British Virgin Islands to help everyone think warm thoughts...

Footprints in the sand on the beach at Mango Bay Resort...

 A goat is our only company during a sunrise at Coppermine Point.  The rocks all around him are rich with copper deposits (all of the green coloration)...

Various sea birds sun themselves and rest from a full morning of fishing.  The pelican (2nd from the right) had been shaking his head furiously before he started airing out his throat... maybe a little fish-tail down the wrong pipe?

Another of the beautiful views on Virgin Gorda.  This photo was taken at Little Dix Bay, home to some of the most beautiful landscaping on the island.

Every dinner at the Mineshaft Cafe is special... not only is the food excellent and the sunsets beautiful, but a flock of chickens begin a raucous daily squabble at the base of a tree shortly before sunset, below the restaurants outdoor deck.  Throughout the chicken fight, they jump higher and higher in the tree, both to instigate and evade eachother.  Just after sunset, the chickens can be seen nestled in the tree top.  The resident cat of the Mineshaft Cafe (shown above) seems impervious to the daily chicken wars and far prefers going from table to table in search of food scraps and affection.

Thanks for visiting... more pictures of paradise coming soon!

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