Monday, January 4, 2010

Since it feels like -1* F outside...

it's time for some pictures from paradise!  Unfortunately, our suntans are mostly faded, and the weather all across the United States is less than ideal, but here is the third installment of photographs from our recent trip to the British Virgin Islands to remind us all that spring will be here before we know it (right???)...

This is one of my many pelican friends from Mahoe Bay on Virgin Gorda.  Here he is seen mid-dive to snatch a few fish out of the shallow water.  Its hard to spend any amount of time looking at these birds up-close and not see an obvious connection to their dinosaur ancestors.  They are very Pterodactyl-ish... which, I believe, is a valid scientific term...

I took this photograph during our descent from Gorda Peak -- the highest point in Virgin Gorda.  It was a rugged hike, but worth it to see the sensational views from the lookout tower at the top.  Once again, we had the trail entirely to ourselves, with the exception of a snake (all are non-venomous in Virgin Gorda) we saw on the way back down.  He seemed very confused by our early morning appearance.

This image was taken during the first full moon in December.  After a delicious dinner at The Mineshaft Cafe, we drove down to Coppermine Point and took some long exposures of the Caribbean seascape by moonlight.  One of my favorite things about the weather in the Virgin Islands is how isolated the rain showers can be.  This photo was taken in between two heavy downpours.  Shortly after the shutter closed, the cloud in the top of the frame sent us running back to the car.

  These seed pods are from one example of the many varieties of Palm Trees found in Virgin Gorda.  This tree was located just steps away from our room at Mango Bay Resort.

Here is a shot of the impressive architectural design of The Pavilion -- a restaurant at Little Dix Bay resort in Virgin Gorda.  We visited the resort to check out their beautiful gardens and amenities.  It is definitely an expensive choice, but from what we could see, well worth the price.

   For the last image, on this cold blustery day, I'll leave you with a sunset much prettier than the one currently available outside my window in Illinois.  This was taken, once again, from our favorite spot in the islands --  a secret road where the sunsets are always breathtaking, the goats are always plentiful, and a sense of seclusion and peace surrounds you.

Stay warm, and check back soon for more shots from our Caribbean adventures!  Happy New Year!!!

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