Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Jordana Wright Photography Presents: Coming Home

Coming Home

Coming Home is a project over 6 months in the making.  The collection of images is cinematic in scope- a true glimpse of what life was like for men and women in another era.  Imagine the early 1930's as aviation became a reality and brave men took to the skies, risking everything for a mad dash to glory or to fight another day.  Heroes were loved and lost the world over.  Love was young and true, and many a young pilot returned home from his duty to visit his sweetheart...... The Girl Next Door.  Coming Home is the portrayal in photographs of one such girl and her pilot, who returns from a world of adventures to enjoy an afternoon picnic with his one true love.

The aircraft in Coming Home is an authentic, airworthy, American Eagle Eaglet, circa 1934.  This specific aircraft was the only Eaglet manufactured in 1934, the result of a 1933 fuselage and 1931 tail and wings.  It was built by a man named Pruit, and is known as "Pruit's American Eagle Eaglet".  Currently, there are only 12 known Eaglets still in existence, of which only 3 are airworthy.  This was a rare and exciting chance to feature an authentic piece from history and help elevate the understanding and appreciation of a bygone era


Jordana Wright Photography
Would like to thank:

Sarah May
Mike Wright


Captain Don Bussart


  1. Wow! Gorgeous!! Unbelievable work. You guys should be proud!

  2. Cassius!! I love it. I have a fondness, a real love actually for vintage things of any kind. The music and the whole shoot made me smell that leather and feel the wind on my face. And yes, the grass on my legs. Great shoot!
    Karen(you know who I am!)

  3. Wow these are amazing! I love the way it is presented, the music and so many of the angles on the shots. And the old plane is an incredible touch! Great job! Thanks for letting Nate be a part of it!

  4. Thanks everyone! We had so much fun throughout the process. We really lucked out with the weather and a lot of great supporters!