Friday, April 13, 2012

Many things to celebrate on Friday the 13th

Happy Friday -- even if it is Friday the 13th.  While you're busy killing time till the end of the work day, check out these exciting updates for America By Rail...

Almost 2 weeks out!

The details for the Chicago Photowalk with Steve Gubin are in!  For the Photowalk start time, meeting location and other important information, visit:

We are already expecting over 20 people for Steve's walk... people who will not only have an amazing time exploring, shooting, and meeting new friends, but people who will WIN PRIZES!
Steve Gubin, looking much how he will look on April 28th.

What sort of prizes you may ask?  Well, all kinds of stuff!  A big box of amazing arrived from Google headquarters today containing goodies for our Photowalk participants...  Super exciting because it's not just swag... ITS PHOTO SWAG!


Proving once again that they are the coolest ever, Google+ donated swag to our project that is related to our project!  Take that, twitter and facebook.

So what else is exciting right now?  We just opened up an Instagram account so that everyone at home can follow along with multiple updates per day while we're out on America By Rail.  Our user name is: jordanawright.  Follow us on Instagram and see snapshots like this one:  

In other spectacular news, the Best Western Plus Olympic Inn has donated our accommodations in Klamath Falls, Oregon.  Many thanks to them for their fantastic hospitality, and to Brian Gailey Photography and Design for setting it up! 
Our new best friends at Olympic Inn!  They are super supportive of our project!

That's about it for now, friends, followers, and cohorts!  More updates coming next week!!!  You can still RSVP for any of our Photowalks or contact us to get involved!

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