Saturday, April 28, 2012

America By Rail: Photowalk Chicago

Today was our first America By Rail photowalk!  Our Chicago crew for the day was a fantastic bunch -- some were frequent photowalkers and some were participating on their first photowalk.  

New photo friends at the Wrigley Building in Chicago, IL.

Photographer Steve Gubin led us on an excellent itinerary featuring iconic Chicago architecture.   We talked to him about his views on the expansive community of photographers on Google+ and the many reasons he loves to photograph Chicago.  I had a great time talking to everyone about photography and hearing their perspectives on gear, Google+, and the city.  Some of today's group is already posting photos on G+!

If you are a photographer or a photography lover and are local to one of our America By Rail Photowalks, you can't miss these events.  We've got 8 more -- and lots of prizes to give away!

Today's events left me completely jazzed about the whole project -- the next 42 days are going to be AMAZING.

Here are a few of my quick edits from today's walk...

Thanks again to Steve Gubin, and to everyone we met today, for coming out.  I still have 2 more days in Chicago, so check back tomorrow for more shots from the windy city!

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