Monday, May 31, 2010

Kenyatte Nelson: Style in Cincinnati

Over the weekend, we had the distinct pleasure of photographing Kenyatte Nelson, Esquire Magazine's 2008 Best Dressed Real Man in America, style aficionado, and author of Tweed & Velvet, a men's style blog.  The video below contains a small sample of the incredible images we captured with him in the Fountain Square area of Cincinnati, Ohio.  Enjoy!


  1. OMG - That guy is sooooooo HOT!!! ha!

    Jordana - thanks so much for an amazing day! I was watching the slide show and I honestly didn't want it to end. I don't think anyone has ever made me look that good (and you didn't have much to work with so you get ALL of the credit). Thanks so much and please tell Cash' I said hello and thank you

    - Kenyatte

  2. Jordana,
    The photos are fantastic. You have such an incredible eye. Plus your subject is beautiful ;) Wonderful work.

    Kiley :)

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  4. wow! looks good... you have a beautiful photos.

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