Monday, May 10, 2010

Abstracts by Jordana Wright Photography

It was a beautiful day yesterday -- the perfect weather for capturing the bold colors in springtime landscapes.  We went out for a country cruise with the intention of photographing some of rural Illinois' springtime splendor, and returned home nearly an hour later with a nearly empty memory card.  Sometimes perfect weather and good intentions isn't enough to find inspiration...  Frustrated with the lack of new photographs for the day, I wandered around my house (and later, my in-laws' property) with my 50mm lens and took some abstract photos...  Here's what we got:

"1969" -- pattern and light through our 40+ year old curtains.

"Aluminum" -- Late afternoon light on the aluminum sided barn.

"Bolt" -- Fencepost and bolt illuminated by the golden light of late afternoon.

"Electric" -- Backlit scarf

"Lines of Light" -- wood molding and blinds in an upstairs room

"Lock" -- a doorknob and it's shadow

"New Holland Blue" -- a brightly painted gate

"Plush" -- a surprisingly uncomfortable chair

"Sizzle" -- post-dinner... the coals are almost out

Sometimes all it takes to see the things around you in a whole new way is a little bit of creative frustration and an open mind!  

Thanks for stopping by... there are a lot more abstract images from yesterday available on our Archive... Go take a look!    


  1. Thank you! Abstracts are always really fun to shoot.