Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Photowalk Portland!

Saturday was our Portland, Oregon Photowalk with Ben Latterell, and I had an AMAZING time.  We had a great turnout -- we even got some folks to join who just happened to be in the right place at the right time.  We started the day at Pioneer Square, took a nice walk through the parks of the city, crossed the river to get the industrial neighborhoods, and finished with dinner at Montage (where I was given leftovers in a very unique and exciting form).  After a bit of a rest, Ben and I hit the streets again for some night shots of the carnival along the river!  All in all it was an awesome day with so many fantastic photo ops.  Thanks again to Ben and everyone who made it out for the photowalk.  Portland was such a great time!!!

Group shot -- way to go Portland, with the being different!!!
A statue of Abraham Lincoln clutches a rose in the Rose City
Gorgeous details in the base of a fountain
Colorful graffiti

Looking mean with my Battle Axe -- leftovers from Montage

I'm a little behind schedule on blogging, but I'm in Glacier National Park in Montana right now... I'm lucky to be able to get online!  More posts soon!

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