Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Montana time!

Even though I finally returned home to Chicago on Sunday night, I still have two locations to finish posting about from America By Rail!  Today, I present more photos from my incredible time in Montana!

Over the course of 4 days I drove my rental car over 1,200 miles -- including a trip to the Canadian counterpart of Glacier National Park -- Waterton Lakes!  I saw loads of bears, elk, prairie dogs, horses, and moose.  After weeks of moving at an insane pace through soooo many cities, it was fantastic to slow things down, surround myself with nature, and enjoy the quiet.  :-)  I hope you enjoy the first few photos from Montana!

A sunrise from Going To The Sun Road

My new roadside friend -- lots of Montana is Open Range

A snowy day in June!

A shot from Going To The Sun Road, past Logan's Pass

My first bear sighting of the week!  I kinda want to hug it... although I'm not sure that would go over so well...

9:30pm and it's still light out!!!

Sunrise is GORGEOUS in Montana!

On the second day of snow, I drove east to the rolling prairie... 

New horse friends!

Amazing rolling hills!

Wildflowers with mountains in the distance.


The Prince of Wales resort in Waterton Lakes.
Check back for photos from the Photowalk in Minneapolis!  


  1. Great images Jordana. Glacier and Montana look amazing.

    1. Thanks Brian! Cash and I were just looking at photos of Crater Lake and the sunrise that morning... and getting super excited. So many amazing places!!!