Thursday, May 3, 2012

Memphis, its been amazing!

I'm almost out of time in Memphis, but I've had a blast!  

This afternoon I toured the Gibson Guitar Factory.  They don't allow photos on the tour and I had to sign a non-disclosure agreement about what I saw there, but I'll say that it was definitely impressive.  After the tour, I spent some time checking out the guitars in their store with a brand new respect.  These are some serious instruments!  Fortunately, I was allowed to take pictures in the store... so here are some snazzy guitars!

So many guitars... if only I knew what to do with them!

The striping costs more because it's pretty. :-)

After some joyrides on the Memphis trolleys (which I took every time I wanted to just rest my feet for a while) I went back to Rendezvous for an interview with my favorite waiter Robert Jr. and some grub.  Robert Jr. has been working there since 1981 when he was in highschool... so he definitely had some amazing insights about one of the city's most popular BBQ restaurants.

People with ADD will go wild at Rendezvous... there's just so much to look at!

After my delicious dinner (Chopped Chicken sandwich with baked beans and slaw) I took a quick photo with Robert Jr.  He guaranteed me that if I send him a copy he'll put it on the wall next to all of the other celebrities.  :-)  I'll have to go back and check if it's up!

I'm hoping I'll replace Justin Timberlake as Robert Jr.'s favorite customer.

Beale Street at night is insane.  There are just crowds and crowds of people.  I took the opportunity to take some photos of the incredible neon signs and crazy awesome bikes that decorated the street after dark.  

Because I was going to have a long, hot day in the city, I didn't want to schlep my massive, full-size tripod around, so I packed my Gorillapod and hoped for the best.  Once again I was impressed with its performance.  Over the past few days I've had several people strike up conversations with me about the Gorillapod.  Non-photographers always ask me what it is.  I tell them it's a tripod, but in truth, its a life-saver.  Who wants to carry around a bulky tripod in 90* heat?  The Gorillapod has allowed me to shoot video from trolley windows, stills in low light situations, and it serves as an AMAZING conversation starter.  I've never felt so confident about leaving a tripod at my hotel.  I can't wait to see all the other ways the Gorillapod will come in handy on the trip!

When the sun goes down, the party shows up!

Tomorrow is a crazy early morning for me -- its time to catch a train to NOLA for the next stop along America By Rail.  It's bedtime over here, but I'll leave you with an epic/baller shot of a gorgeous motorcycle in an amazing place.  Thanks, Memphis!  It's been incredible!

Oh hi, gorgeous!
Check back tomorrow and every day after that 'till June 12 for my exploits on the road!!!

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  1. I'll have the Les Paul Jr. and a half order of ribs. mw