Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I hate snow -- but I LOVE food and amazing accommodations.

It's depressingly snowy pretty much everywhere in this hemisphere -- the perfect opportunity for images of the fantastic food and villa accommodations we've come to miss in Virgin Gorda.  So... for your snowy-day pleasure, please peruse and enjoy images of the delightful food at The Rock Cafe, and the stellar design and relaxation available at the Aquamare Villas -- both of Virgin Gorda, BVI.

We miss it.

A lot.

Two of our friend Simon's fabulous drink creations.

We miss you Simon.

Bruschetta -- so good that at our wedding reception, the guests ate it all before we got there.
Prompting us to request more bruschetta from the kitchen.  We were, after all, the bride and groom.

It doesn't look like that when I make it.

Anegada Lobster salad -- which is way better than any other kind of lobster anything.

Anegada Lobster Salad in the foreground, with Bruschetta in the background.  Perfection.

The dining room at one of the three Aquamare villas.
Surprisingly, you don't have to be too rich to stay here... but you'll feel like you are.

Is outdoor dining your preference?  Well here you go then.

The view of Mahoe Bay across your infinity pool and private beach.
Dry your snowy tears on these luxurious 600 count towels.

I've always wanted to shower with a natural canopy above me.  Close your eyes, lizards.

The great room.  Any questions as to why it's called that?

Naptime on the private balcony, overlooking the private beach.  

Candles controlled by a switch on the wall.  Because we can.  And should.

A splash of color accents the design beautifully.

The authentic luxury Caribbean experience.  

Luxury discovered.

I'm going outside to make snow angels and pretend that they are sand angels.  Just not in my bathing suit.

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