Monday, January 10, 2011

Glass and String

We bookended last week with visits to The Children's Museum of Indianapolis and The Indianapolis Museum of Art.  The lobby of the Indianapolis Museum of Art currently features an incredible installation called "Gravity's Loom" by The Ball-Nogues Studio, while The Children's Museum of Indianapolis has an ongoing installation called "Fireworks of Glass" by renowned glass blower Dale Chihuly.

After viewing and photographing both exhibits, we were amazed by the numerous similarities in the use of space, color, shape, line, and interaction with the available light with such totally different types of media.  We were strongly affected by the way in which both artists adapted their work to fill, enhance, and envelop the museum spaces they inhabit.  Both exhibits engage visitors in a special way -- drawing them to explore the work from all available vantage points...    

For more information about these incredible installations, please visit:


  1. While we usually think of winter as being monotone and blah, apparently Indianapolis is different.