Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Stuff I Saw Along The Way...

We've been really busy getting the word out about Jordana Wright Photography in our new region. After numerous trips around town, distributing business cards and flyers, and some adjustments/updates to the website, everything seems to be falling into place. With all of the work to be done in my office, its a definite relief to get out into the country side to explore. We're still enjoying some beautiful weather in the Mid. Every day has been a new adventure -- exploring country roads, backwoods, and stopping to photograph all the stuff I see along the way. Here are some of the shots from the past week -- all taken in and around Paris, Illinois.

Yellowed Soy

Cranes of the Wabash

Fields From A Moving Car

Glowing Web

Creek in the Woods

Heading Home

Rosie in the Mud


Shade Arbor


Pedal Steel

Chevy 1

Chevy 2

Chevy 3

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