Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fall Color, Windmills and Sting...

The soy field behind our house has turned this amazing vibrant yellow. Everywhere I go, the corn is turning brown, the soy is yellow, and the leaves are just starting to show a hint of orange. I never really understood about the "amber waves of grain" I sang about in grade school until I saw the Midwest. Its incredible. One interesting side effect of waking up to a bright yellow soy field every morning is that I perpetually have the song "Fields of Gold" by Sting stuck in my head...

"Shadows in Dudley"

"Grain Elevator"

"Yellow Soy"

On a recent trip to Bellflower, IL, we took a detour to photograph a large cluster of windmills. Some people dislike the way windmills look on a horizon, but I think they blend with the pattern of planted rows of soy really nicely. They're beautiful in their own way -- and who can argue with clean, abundant energy?

"Windmills 1"

"Windmills 2"

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