Monday, February 27, 2012

Temple Emanu-El

Two weeks ago, we were endlessly fortunate to be granted access to Temple Emanu-El, my childhood synagogue in New York City, for a photography session. Located on the corner of 65th St. and 5th Avenue, Temple Emanu-El is the largest, and in my opinion, most majestic synagogue in the world. Through the assistance of Senior Rabbi Dr. David M. Posner and Administrator Mark H. Heutlinger, Cassius and I were offered uninterrupted, private access to photograph the Main Sanctuary and the adjoining Beth-El Chapel.  Over the course of three hours, I was able to explore and record the grandeur of the synagogue through sweeping wide angles and abstract details -- a rare opportunity.  After decades of envisioning this incredible location only in memory, I feel unbelievably fortunate to be able to add a collection of images of Temple Emanu-El to my portfolio.

Below are only a sample of the incredible photographs resulting from my time in Temple Emanu-El.  Enjoy!

The main entrance on 5th Avenue

The Ark and floral display of the Main Sanctuary

Details on a menorah

A view of the rose window facing 5th Avenue

The pews and center aisle of the Main Sanctuary

Mid-afternoon light colored by the stained glass windows on the South wall

A view of the Main Sanctuary

A symbol of the Congregation, etched in glass

A close-up view of the Organ Screen above the bimah

A view of the Bimah

The hand-painted ceiling of the Main Sanctuary

Details in the Mosaics that decorate the Bimah

Details in the vases next to the Ark

The Ark - containing the Synagogue's seven Torahs

Details in the stained glass windows of the Beth-El Chapel

Jewel toned light enhances the northern corridor between the Main Sanctuary and Beth-El Chapel

Stained glass in Beth-El

The Southern stairway leading to the balcony in the Main Sanctuary

The view from the balcony

The stonework and northern balcony, enhanced by light through stained glass windows

The view from beside the Ark on the Bimah

For more information about the history and design of Temple Emanu-El, visit the brochure for their self-guided tour.

Many thanks to:
Rabbi Posner
Mark H. Heutlinger
Joe and Jose at the 65th St. security desk

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