Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Captain Don Bussart

Captain Don Bussart 1919-2011

A note that Cassius wrote last night:
"I write this now, at a true loss for words.

One of the greatest American heroes, patriots, gentlemen, fathers, and most of all, friends - has passed away from us this last weekend.

He flew airplanes in dangerous places around Southeast asia for over 40 years. He flew for Air America, he flew the Hump in Burma, he flew wooden prop planes in air races. He set the world speed record in an open cockpit prop plane at well over 500 MPH. He flew stunts for movies. He flew for the military, for private companies, for spies and soldiers, and for his own. He was the guy tapped to short runway land and takeoff for the Bay of Pigs. C-130, biplane, jet, glider, He just flew everywhere as often as he was able. I had the pleasure of working with the man alongside Jordana for a photoshoot featuring one of his vintage airplanes, a 1934 American Eagle eaglet.
If more Americans were like him, the country would be in much better condition.

The world is surely a poorer place now.

Rest In Peace,

Captain Don Bussart
December 18, 1919 - October 14, 2011"

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  1. Thank you for such kind words. We miss him.
    Donna Bussart Stiff (daughter)