Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sierra Leone Refugee All-Stars at EIU

As the headlining act of the EIU Celebration 2011, The Sierra Leone Refugee All-Stars really brought down the house.  With their unmistakable West African sound, their bright smiles and costumes, and their message of happiness, they transformed a traditional concert hall into a foot-stomping, arm-waiving, reggae festival.  The Doudna Fine Arts Center at Eastern Illinois University was only the 2nd stop on the US leg of their 'Positive Revolution Tour'.  By the end of the show, strangers were dancing with each other in the aisles (and some were dancing on the stage), everyone was smiling, and the energy was buoyant. 
Here are some of my favorite images from The Sierra Leone Refugee All-Stars Concert...

EIU Celebration Weekend had a lot going on, so check back over the next few days for more photos from the festivities!

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