Monday, March 14, 2011

Oppose Illinois House Bill 1080

Do you want the government telling you what kind of dog you can have?  Do you want your taxes to go up to cover $17 million enforcing an unenforceable law?

Breed specific legislation doesn't solve problems -- it only serves to persecute the people who are doing the right thing.  Gangbangers will always have violent dogs, they don't respect the law anyway -- that's the entire point.  Every person I know who has owned a pitbull, or known a pitbull owned by a happy family, knows the breed to be loyal, sweet, playful, and protective.  In World War II, pitbulls were considered the American Watch Dog... all the traits we would look for in an ideal American.  Suddenly legislators are looking to enable any city in the State of Illinois to vote to ban any dog breed.  Dogs are individuals, banning a breed is banning a dog based on what it looks like... based on stereotypes.  Does that sound American?  

"Often when civic leaders want to impose a breed ban it’s in response to a recent incident in which a citizen was injured by a dog or dogs.  It’s a knee-jerk reaction not based on a serious look at what happened and why,"  Mary Tiefenbrunn, The News-Gazette

Tell your local rep that Illinois House Bill 1080 is unethical, unenforceable, and will further bankrupt an already bankrupt state -- to the tune of an estimated $17 million! 

In my years as a photographer, I have worked with many breeds of dogs, and the breeds our government would ban have been some of the most cooperative, well-behaved, and kind animals I have ever encountered. 

Illinois Residents -- here's how to get in touch with your local Senators and Representatives
Find your reps and call, email, fax... 
let them know that Breed Specific Legislation is not acceptable!

Yup.  What a scary dog.  Eating broccoli off of a fork.  Hide your kids.

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