Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Should have stayed in BVI...

In the last post, I mentioned a dead car battery as a possible omen suggesting that we should have stayed in BVI... because we didn't seem to get the message, the universe gave us white-out conditions, and a fun windy, icy, 360* car spinning adventure.  Our faithful Toyota is sadly gone, but we are fine... as fine as you can be when you left paradise by choice.  Now we know.  

Here are a few more photographs from our recent trip to incorporate Jordana Wright Photographic Expeditions... Enjoy!

We named this cat "I can haz murder"... you can tell by the look in its eye.

Many more photographs to come, so check back soon!  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I really like this Blogger theme. Did you do all this with the standard design tools in Blogger or did you do some custom CSS?

  2. Holy sweet bajeebus - that first photo is impossibly beautiful! Love the carelessness of the palm trees... makes me wanna take a nap in a hammock. And "I can haz murder" kitty has the most gorgeous eyes... a little dangerous, but gorgeous!

  3. @Christopher Johnston, it is a theme called "watermark"... the background is designed by "enjoynz". I made some adjustments on color, font, etc.

    @Marie0415, Thank you for your compliments!