Thursday, July 23, 2009

South County Balloon Festival Part 3

At the South County Balloon Festival in Kingston, RI, I saw high wire feats, hot air balloons, and lots of interesting and unique carnival games, prizes, food, and displays. This entry features the little details I noticed along the way...

This was a reenactment group who camped in period tents and gave demonstrations.

These were some of the strangest prizes I've seen at a family-friendly carnival...

These were some of the best sausage with peppers and onions my husband said he'd ever had. He ate three meals at this stand and never once got indigestion... an amazing endorsement!

A decorative flag near the balloon field is whipped by the wind. It reminded me of something Julie Taymor might use in a movie.

Baby ducks at the petting zoo booth!

The West Kingston Fire Department was taking donations and selling food.

This was the largest cocktail umbrella I had ever seen...

Thanks for visiting and checking out my photographs from the balloon festival.
Many more photographic adventures and excursions are on the way!

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