Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Welcome Home!

We finally made our move to the Midwest! We have expanded our territory and now offer wedding, portrait, and event photography coverage from the East Coast to the Midwest! After two days of driving, two days of unloading our moving truck, and a few days of unpacking, we are finally settling in to our new home in Illinois! The scenery is beautiful for fine art photography, and the people here are so warm and friendly! I can't wait to get going on some Senior Portraits, Family Portraits, and Weddings. We have already generated a lot of local interest and are rapidly booking Fall Portrait Sessions!

Here are a few of the photographs I have taken over the past week near our new home. It really is an amazing place!

"Web on a Split Rail Fence"
This split rail fence separates our backyard from a soy bean field. Its a beautiful view to wake up to every morning. Here you can see how the dew hangs on a spider web.

"Gravel Road"
This road runs between two giant Coal Mines that have filled with water. The mines look like vast lakes, and are several hundred feet deep in places.

Twin Lakes, Paris, Illinois at sunset

"Corn Sunset"

"Telephone Poles"

"Corn and Fog"
When we stopped to take this picture we saw a man walking down the road barefoot, holding his shoes. He told my husband he "had some time on his hands and figured he'd go for a walk".


"Crescent Moon and Tassels"

"Roadside Glow"


"Morning Fog"
This was the view from my kitchen window this morning when I woke up. I love it here.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Website Updates

I just updated my website and added a dedicated "Children's Portraits" category to include many of the beautiful faces from recent family portrait sessions. Take a look!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Family Beach Session at Old Silver Beach

Last night we had a fantastic family portrait session at Old Silver Beach on Cape Cod. The family was beautiful and the children were full of energy. It made for a wonderful experience. Hope you enjoy this sneak preview of the shoot!

Comments are always welcome!

Took a trip to the land of Lincoln...

My husband and I took a little trip to Illinois last week... while we were there I explored a local nursery called Barkley Farms, spent some time with a cat, a dog and some horses, and enjoyed the relaxing pace of the country. Here are some of the photographs I took along the way...

Egg Display

Pattern of Succulents

Rosie's World

Foal in the Woods

Clementine's Snack

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Spohr Garden Family Portrait Session

Last Thursday I spent a fun-filled hour with a local family at one of my favorite nearby locations -- Spohr Gardens in Cape Cod. These three children were charming, endearing and full of energy! We had such a great time! Check out the sneak preview of some of the moments we captured!

Check back for more photos from local family portrait sessions!
We are now booking sessions all over the Midwest for Fall 2009!